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Promotional Schedule

May 30th - Meet the Rebels Picnic

                    6pm Rebel Park Picnic Shelter/New Market Community Center

June 3rd - Cowbell Night

June 5th - Hanon Pediatrics Night - Free T-shirt to the first 20 children under the age of 12

June 7th - SCPR Seniors Night

June 8th  - Rotary Night  (Free admission to all Rotarians)

June 10th - Little League Night 

June 12th - Armed Services Night - Free admission for all former and active Military

June 16th - Biker Night (Free admission for all riders)

July 19th - Door Gorilla Night

June 22nd - Mo Weber Night - FREE birthday cake for all

June 28th - Full Moon Night - Free Moon Pies    

July 1st - Parents Weekend

July 3rd - Parents Weekend

July 7th - Country Cruise-In (5:30) - Free admission to all cruisers

July 8th - All Star Game (Harrisonburg)

July 10th - Watermelon Night - Free admission for the donation of a watermelon

July 12th - Reading with the Rebels

                   *10AM Rebel Park Pavilion

July 13th - SCPR Seniors Night

July 17th - Shen-Paco Night

July 21st - First Responders Night - Free admission to all first responders

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