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Rebel Managers Scholarship

In honor of both Lynne Alger and Victor “Vic” Moyers, eight New Market Rebels Managers have come together to contribute toward a yearly scholarship fund that covers the cost of two youth campers each summer. These campers are identified through the New Market Rebels organization as youth that show interest in baseball but their familymay not have the financial means to send them to a New Market Rebel baseball camp. This is to serve as the cost to cover these campers in both Lynne and Vic’s names, as they were both such an instrumental part in the love and generosity of the New Market Rebel organization. (Lynne Alger Fund: $100.00 – Victor “Vic” Moyers Fund: $100.00)


The Rebel Managers Scholarship Members:
Jones, Lucas - Chairman (2009)
Brannon, Evan (2007)
Cole, Zac (2016-2017-2018)
Combs, John (2012)
Hedrick, Ray (2001-2002-2003)
Neiman, Nolan (2008)
Paluga, Corey (2010-2011)
Rhodes, C. J. (2013-2014)

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