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President and General Manager

C. Bruce Alger

(c) 540-435-8453

Secretary and Host Family Coordinator  Joanne Burns

(c) 703-850-8490

Clara Chambliss.JPG

Executive Vice President

Mike Jones

(c) 540-325-6695


Clare Chambliss

Mitch Chambliss.JPG

Assistant Treasurer

Mitch Chambliss

Director of Scoring and Website Admin

Andrew Kipps 

(c) 540-335-8658

​Director of Public Relations and Head Webcaster Dennis Atwood

(c) 540-335-2313

Director of Field Level Game Day Ops  David Barb

(c) 540-335-2671

Director of Promotions and Recognition Nights Jared Thompson

(c) 703-725-5131

Director of Transportation

Bill Harper

(c) 540-820-0432

Bill Harper.jpg

Director of the Rebel Yell Souvenir Stand

Cheryl Miller

(c) 540-247-9100

Cheryl Miller.jpg

Director of Fundraising

Sis Blosser

Sis Blosser.jpg

Director of Fundraising 

John Blosser

John Blosser.jpg

Director of Social Media

Anna Lawrence

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